The merchant from the Eladrin tower.


Daniel is a short, slim human with blonde hair and a scraggly beard.


You met him outside the [[:Tower of Sinnishar]], located on the border of the [[:Elven Wildlands]]. He was camped outside the tower after when you met him. He told you that he had helped an Eladrin scouting party enter the tower using a stone talisman he had acquired. After the scouting party entered the tower, they had been attacked by wraiths and killed. Daniel escaped with his life.

After meeting, he agreed to help you get into the tower, in exchange for a star sapphire he believed to be located inside the tower. A contract was signed and he accompanied you into the tower – making sure to stay in back during battles.

While searching the highest level of tower alone with Ace, he was mysteriously robbed and knocked unconscious. Daniel accused Ace of attacking him and brought his case to the other members of the party, who assured him of his future safety.

There was some suspicion of Daniel after the party found a book on Liches. This led to the theory that Content Not Found: Sinnishar had become a lich, using the star sapphire mentioned by Daniel as a phylactery. Some felt that giving such an item to a stranger would be foolish. Some party members suspected of Daniel working directly for the lich.

After the gem was retrieved, the contract was honored and it was given to Daniel. On the way to the next town, Daniel drugged Content Not Found: Skitter – who was on watch – and left in the middle of the night. It seems likely that he feared the party might take the gem away from him (particularly after his run-in with Ace), but his exact reasons for leaving are uncertain.


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